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Practical information from public agencies

New in Norway

Here you will find information that can be useful for persons who are new in Norway. This website mainly presents information relevant for people who have come to Norway through family establishment or family reunification with a norwegian citizen.

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Relevant information

  • About Norway »

    The name of the country

    The name 'Norge' (Norway) dates back to at least AD 800.  It probably means the way north, proof that people started sailing northwards along the coast a very long time ago. It later also beca...

  • Moving to Norway »

    A residence permit to enter into marriage

    If you wish to marry someone who lives in Norway, you can apply for a residence permit to come here and enter into marriage (fiancé permit). The permit is valid for six months, and you must get mar...

  • Housing »

    Your rights as a tenant

    Your most important rights as a tenant are stipulated in the lease and in the Tenancy Act. The Tenancy Act includes a prohibition against discrimination in tenancy situations. The parties (the land...

  • Tuition in Norwegian and education »

    Tuition in Norwegian

    If you have been granted family immigration with a spouse, registered partner or cohabitant who is Norwegian or a Nordic national, or a person who has a permanent residence permit here, you have bo...

  • Health »

    About health services

    Municipalities are responsible for providing necessary health services for their inhabitants – including immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. Among other things, the municipalities shall provid...

  • Recreational activities »


    All the municipalities have public libraries. The libraries are for everyone regardless of age, language and any functional impairment. At the library, you can borrow books, films, music, read maga...

  • Transport and services »

    Driver's licence

    Driving licences from EEA/EU countries can be used in Norway. If you wish to settle in Norway and come from a country outside the EEA/EU area, different rules apply to the exchange of driving lice...