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The Norwegian National Insurance Scheme

The public social security system in Norway is called the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme (folketrygden). To be entitled to benefits, you must be a member of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme. This applies to:

  • all benefits from NAV
  • health service benefits (treatment by a doctor, psychologist or expenditure on medicines of major importance in long-term use)

As a general rule all persons resident in Norway are members of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme.

If you have legal employment in Norway, you will, as a rule, become a member of the National Insurance scheme from your first working day even if you are not deemed to be resident here. Membership is automatic.

As an employee, you pay a national insurance contribution of 7.8 per cent of your gross income. The contribution is deducted together with tax.

Some employees may be exempt from the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme because they belong to a social security scheme in their home country. You must document this with a certificate from the national insurance authorities in the country you come from.

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