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The Consumer Counsil of Norway

The Consumer Council is a special interest organisation for consumers of goods and services in Norway. The Consumer Council endeavours to influence policy, and aims to educate consumers through information, advice and guidance. In addition, the council provides assistance to individual consumers.

All the services are organised as ‘self-help services’. This means that you, using the Consumer Council’s tools, should be able to solve the matter yourself. If your case remains unsolved after contact with the seller, you can submit it to your local Consumer Council, which will handle the complaint.

The Consumer Council handles complaints related to the following acts:

  • The Sale of Goods Act (for example sales between private persons)
  • The Act on Consumer Purchase (for example store purchases)
  • The Act relating to tradesmen’s services (for example using a plumber in your home)
  • The Cooling-Off Period Act (for example purchases made
    on the internet/by phone)

In other areas, the Consumer Council can only offer general advice and guidance.

The European Consumer Centre in Norway can help you if you have purchased goods or services from a business in an EU/EEA country and this results in a dispute. Visit for further information.

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