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The Labour Inspection Authority

The Labour Inspection Authority is a government agency under the authority of the Ministry of Labour. It is the responsibility of the Labour Inspection Authority to oversee that enterprises follow the requirements of the Working Environment Act.

Pursuant to the Immigration Act and the Act relating to the general application of wage agreements etc., the Labour Inspection Authority is responsible for supervision of pay and working conditions for foreign employees. In addition, the Labour Inspection Authority has tasks relating to other acts, the most important being the Act relating to holidays and parts of the Act relating to prevention of the harmful effects of tobacco. The agency also supervises the educational environment for pupils and students at technical colleges, universities and university colleges.

The Labour Inspection Authority consists of a central entity, the Directorate for the Labour Inspection Authority, and seven regions with local offices throughout the country. The Directorate is located in Trondheim. The overriding goal for the Labour Inspection Authority is to ensure a fully adequate working environment, safe employment conditions and meaningful work for all employees.

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