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The National Police Directorate

The National Police Directorate is under the authority of the Ministry of Justice and the Police. The National Police Directorate’s main task is to ensure professional leadership, management and development of the Norwegian police force within the limits laid down by the ministry. The National Police Directorate is responsible for managing, following up and developing the 12 police districts and special police agencies, which together employ a total of 16,000 people. In addition, the National Police Directorate plays a key role in combating international and organised crime.

The responsibilities of the National Police Directorate fall into the following categories:

  • Coordination of the objectives, plans and tasks of the police districts and the special police agencies
  • Support and supervisory tasks
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Processing complaints

Each of the 12 police districts is under the command of a chief of police, who is responsible for all police services. The police districts have their own administrations and a central operations unit.

The operations unit receives notification of accidents, emergencies, other dangerous situations and about people in need of immediate help.

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Contact information

Telephone : 02800 (to reach your local police)

Emergency calls : 112

Internet :