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Practical information from public agencies
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  • Cash-for-care benefit »

    You can be paid cash-for-care benefit for children between the ages of 1 and 2. The condition is that the child does not have a full-time place in a publicly-funded pre-school day care ce...

  • Parental eave »

    An employee is entitled to take leave in connection with pregnancy, care in connection with birth, births and parental leave. Leave rights in connection with having a child mean that, together, par...

  • Child benefit »

    The purpose of child benefit is to partly cover the expences of having a child. You can be paid child benefit from the month following the child’s birth, or the month after your arrival in Norway w...

  • Lump sum maternity and adoption grants »

    A woman who is not entitled to parental benefit may be entitled to a lump sum grant paid in connection with childbirth or adoption.

  • Parental benefit »

    The purpose of parental benefit is to secure an income for parents in connection with childbirth or adoption. You may be entitled to parental benefit if you have had pensionable income from employm...