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Practical information from public agencies
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Domestic violence

  • Violence in the family »

    Using violence against another person is prohibited by law in Norway. By violence is meant physical violence such as punching and kicking, but also psychological violence such as threats and abusiv...

  • Domestic abuse in marriages/between cohabitants »

    If you have been granted family immigration with a spouse, registered partner or cohabitant, and this person is abusing you, you do not have to remain in the relationship for fear of losing your re...

  • Marriage must be voluntary »

    Women and men have the same rights to freely choose who they wish to marry. A marriage is only valid if both parties enter into it of their own free will and consent to it.  You must have reac...

  • Female genital mutilation »

    Female genital mutilation or circumcision of women is a form of abuse that can result in serious injury to women's pubic region and lifelong health problems. Female genital mutilation or circumcisi...

  • Women's shelters »

    Crisis center/shelter is a place you can contact if you are a victim of violence, of if you know somebody who is. The shelter offers advice and guidance to victims of violence, abuse, threats, forc...