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Special language tuition

Pupils in primary/lower secondary school and upper secondary school are entitled to special tuition in the Norwegian language, tuition in their mother tongue and/or bilingual tuition in school subjects if they do not have sufficient Norwegian skills to follow ordinary tuition. Special tuition in Norwegian consists of extra tuition in the Norwegian language. Mother tongue tuition is tuition in the pupil's native language, while bilingual tuition in school subjects means that tuition is given in two languages.

The school must establish and assess whether or not the pupil has sufficient Norwegian skills, and thereby what tuition the pupil is entitled to. The school principal makes an individual decision stating whether the pupil is entitled to special tuition in Norwegian, mother tongue tuition and/or bilingual tuition in school subjects. If, as a pupil or parent, you are dissatisfied with the decision, you can appeal it to the County Governor in the county where you live.

For newly arrived minority language pupils who are entitled to special language tuition, the school owner can choose whether to offer special tuition organised in separate groups, classes or schools. The purpose of such introductory tuition is to teach the pupils sufficient Norwegian for them to benefit from ordinary teaching. Participation in such introductory tuition is voluntary.

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