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Family immigration permit

If you have a family member living in Norway, or you want to set up a family with a person living here, you can apply for a family immigration permit to come and live together with him or her here.

Being related to the person in Norway is not sufficient in itself to be granted a family immigration permit. Certain requirements apply to the person with whom you are applying for family immigration. The person who lives in Norway (the sponsor) must be capable of providing for you financially and have a place for the two of you to live. This is also called 'the income requirement' or 'the subsistence requirement'.

EEA nationals (all nationals of EU/EEA/EFTA countries) and their family members can choose to make use of a separate arrangement instead of applying for a family immigration permit.

Children who have parents living in Norway

In principle, children who have parents living in Norway are entitled to come here and live with them provided that the other conditions are met. The parents must be lawfully resident here for a child to be permitted to come to Norway. If only one of the parents lives in Norway, the child can come here if the parent who lives in Norway has sole parental responsibility or if the parent who does not live in Norway has consented to the child moving to Norway.

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