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Practical information from public agencies
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Local recreational activities

  • Local recreational activities »

    The recreational activities in municipalities range from organised, semi-professional activities, entertainment events, training centres, associations, courses, restaurants to social meeting places...

  • Cultural activities »

    Most municipalities also offer various cultural activities for adults, such as theatre, lectures, debates, cinema etc. The cultural activities on offer vary from one municipality to another. Many m...

  • Local sports clubs »

    Organised sports are a deeply-rooted tradition in Norway. Many children and young people belong to sports clubs. Approximately 12,500 local sports clubs are members of the umbrella organisation for...

  • Music and culture schools »

    Culture schools offer children dance, music, theatre and art classes. The culture schools are usually municipal, but they can also be organised as collaborations between two or more municipalities....

  • Library »

    All the municipalities have public libraries. The libraries are for everyone regardless of age, language and any functional impairment. At the library, you can borrow books, films, music, read maga...