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Practical information from public agencies
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  • Public rights of access »

    In Norway, everyone is entitled to walk in the forests and mountains and enjoy the seaside and the coast, regardless of who owns the land. This is known as public right of way, and it is an importa...

  • The Norwegian Mountain Code »

    The weather conditions in the mountains change rapidly, and it is important to be prepared for bad weather. Whether you are an experienced hiker or not, it is important to keep the mountain code in mind when you are hiking.

  • Common sense at sea »

    Be prepared for the eventuality of an accident, and think about how you should react: stay calm, stay by the boat and call for help.

  • Boat driving - important rules »

    Please be aware of the following:• Remember to use a life jacket! The skipper and the person lending/renting out the boat are both responsible for ensuring that the boat is in order and that t...