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  • Car insurance »

    Car insurance can be a combination of several separate insurance policies. Liability insurance Liability insurance is a type of insurance that all car owners must take out, i.e. it is not optiona...

  • Home-owner's insurance »

    Home-owner’s insurance covers damage to your house that cannot be attributed to wear and tear or inadequate maintenance. It also covers water damage and damage or injury as a result of fire. In add...

  • Home contents insurance »

    In order to insure the contents of your apartment/house, you need home contents insurance. This insurance covers damage to belongings in the event of fire, water damage, burglary etc. As for other ...

  • Travel insurance »

    Among other things, this insurance policy covers luggage and illness/injuries suffered while travelling. Some travel insurance policies also apply on short trips, for example to the shops and back....

  • Personal insurance »

    There are different types of personal insurance. You can take out personal insurance for death, disability, critical illness or one of the above alone. Insurance that pays compensation in the even...

  • General insurance »

    General insurance is a collective term for the insurance of things. Home-owner’s insurance, car insurance, home contents insurance, boat insurance and pet insurance are examples of the insurance of...