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Practical information from public agencies
Print page links to digital public services across all sectors and levels of public administration in Norway. These digital services can be found via a search function, a topic menu or eight defined life situations.

Norwegian authorities at central government and most of the municipalities communicate digitally with citizens. Norway’s secure digital mailbox system is an important tool in enabling this to happen. is, therefore, the main source of information for citizens on how to choose and setup a secure digital mailbox.To set up a secure digital mailbox, citizens need to have an electronic ID and to have their digital contact information registered in the Norwegian Digital Contact Information and Opt-out Register.

Responsibility for guidance

It is the responsibility of the agency or municipality that owns the service in question to help users to use the service, provide supplementary information and find related services.

If you have questions about how to use, you can contact ID-porten user support by phoning 800 30 300 (+47 57 65 50 60 if you are calling from outside Norway) or by e-mail to

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