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Practical information from public offices

New in Norway

Information service for foreign workers – rights, duties, practical advice, tips and information about Norwegian society.

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Relevant information

  • Moving to Norway »

    Registration in the population register

    Registration in connection with moving Everyone who moves to Norway from another country, between two Norwegian municipalities, or to another place in the same municipality, is obliged to notify t...

  • Work »

    Employment contract

    Everyone is entitled to a written employment contract, irrespective of the length of employment or the percentage of a full-time position. The employment contract describes employees and employers’...

  • Children & Schools »

    Primary and lower secondary schools

    All children in Norway must attend school for ten years. The first ten years of the Norwegian school system is called ‘grunnskole’, which comprises primary and lower secondary education. Children s...

  • Health »

    Primary doctor

    Everyone who is resident in a Norwegian municipality is entitled to be registered as a patient with a primary doctor (GP). This means everyone who is registered in the Population Register as reside...

  • Recreational activities »

    Voluntary groups and organisations

    There are over 115,000 organisations in Norway. More than 84 per cent of the population is a member of one or more organisations. There are many different types of organisations in Norway, ranging ...

  • Transport and services »


    In Norway, anyone can open a deposit account and use the bank’s payment system. Wage earners must usually open a salary account/current account into which their salary is paid. To open such an acco...

  • Useful information »


    Official name: The Kingdom of Norway Capital: Oslo Population: 5 334 762 (April 1st 2019) Area (sq. km): 385 199 National day: May 17th (Constitution day) Currency: Norwegi...

New in Norway 2019 - PDF file

New in Norway 2019

New in Norway gathers practical information from public agencies. Note! It can take a few minutes to download the file.