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Children welfare services

The task of the Norwegian child welfare services is to assist parents in giving their children the best possible upbringing. Child welfare services support and assist children and families in different ways. For example, they give parents advice on how to take better care of their children, arrange visit homes for children and other types of respite. Child welfare services help more than 40,000 children in Norway every year.

It is also the task of child welfare services to help children in difficult situations. Child welfare services assess each case individually to see if the child needs help. Getting help from child welfare services is not a universal right. Norwegian law states that child welfare services can take actionif they suspect that a child is suffering at home. In a few cases, for example if the child’s health and welfare is endangered, child welfare services may move the child out of the home, usually to a new family or to a child welfare institution. 

If the parents do not agree to the child being taken from the home, they are entitled to legal aid. The case must then be settled by an independent body (the County Social Welfare Board).

Child welfare services are present in every municipality in Norway.

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