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Parental benefit

The purpose of parental benefit is to secure an income for parents in connection with childbirth or adoption. You may be entitled to parental benefit if you have had pensionable income from employment for at least six of the last ten months before the benefit period starts. Previous employment relationships in EEA countries can be included if the most recent employment relationship was in Norway.

You can choose between 100 per cent parental benefit for 49 weeks or 80 per cent for 59 weeks. 15 benefit weeks are reserved for the mother (the maternal quota) and 15 benefit weeks are reserved for the father (the paternal quota). The last three weeks before the due day and the first six weeks after the birth are reserved for the mother. The rest of the benefit period can be distributed freely between the parents. Certain conditions apply to the mother if the father is to be entitled to a parental benefit that is not part of the paternal quota. She must, for example, be in work or studying. The parental benefit is limited to six times the National Insurance basic amount.

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