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Practical information from public offices
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The day care centre/school system

Children between the ages of one and five may attend pree-school day care centres. It is a voluntary service that provides children with a place to stay while their parents are at work. Parents must pay for their children to attend pre-school day care centres. Education for children between the ages of 6 and 15 is compulsory. It is divided into primary school (age 6-12) and lower secondary school (age 13-15). All children in Norway are entitled and obliged to attend primary/lower secondary education. Tuition is free. Children between thes ages of six and nine may attend a before and after-school programme (SFO). This is a voluntary service and parents must pay a share of the costs. Anyone who has completed primary/lower secondary education is entitled to three years of upper secondary education. This tuition is voluntary. Upper secondary education is also free in Norway.

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The school system