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Patient charges/exemption cards

As a member of the National Insurance scheme, you only pay a fixed part of the cost of public health services, called patient charges. This applies to medical treatment, buying medicines on a refundable prescription, physiotherapy, seeing a psychologist and travel expenses to consultations and treatment appointments. If you have paid a certain amount in patient charges, you are eligible for an exemption card. This means you are exempt from paying patient charges for the rest of the calendar year. There are two types of exemption cards. The amounts are set annually by the Norwegian parliament, the Storting. You can check which user fees have been registered, the refunds you have received and exemption card decisions by logging in to


The exemption card for user fee group 1 covers approved patient charges paid to doctors, psychologists and outpatient clinics and for x-rays, patient travel and blue prescription medicine and equipment. The exemption card for user fee group 1 will automatically be sent to your registered address in the Population Register when you become entitled to it. 

The exemption card for user fee 2 covers approved patient charges paid for physiotherapy, certain dental diseases, approved rehabilitation institutions and travel for treatment abroad organised by Oslo University Hospital - Rikshospitalet HF. You will receive the exemption card for user fee group 2 automatically (in the mail)  when you have paid more than NOK 2,025 (in user fees). The exemption card will be sent to your registered address. 

Exemption from the payment of patient charges
Among other things, you will be exempted from patient charges in connection with the following: check-ups during pregnancy, examinations and treatment of children under the age of 16, psychotherapeutic treatment of children and young people under the age of 18, infectious diseases that are a danger to public health or suspicion of such diseases.

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Exemption card

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