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Practical information from public offices
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Among other things, physiotherapists treat patients with muscular or skeletal illnesses or ailments. In order for your expenses to be covered, the physiotherapist must receive public funding from the municipality. You don't need a referral from a doctor (GP) to get a treatment at chiropractor or manual therapist.  

You must pay a patient charge for each treatment, however, the treatment of certain illnesses is free. Children under the age of 12 and persons with occupational injuries are exempt from paying patient charges. Approved patient charges are covered by user fee group 2.

Manual therapists are physiotherapists with a clinical Master's degree in manual therapy from a university or equivalent. In addition to administering physiotherapy and manual therapy, manual therapists can also put you on sick leave for up to 12 weeks. You do not need to be on sick leave to receive treatment from a manual therapist. 

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