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Primary doctor

Everyone who is resident in a Norwegian municipality is entitled to be registered as a patient with a primary doctor (GP). This means everyone who is registered in the Population Register as resident in a Norwegian municipality. In addition, asylum seekers and their family members are also entitled to be registered with a primary doctor (GP). The right lapses if the asylum application is rejected. This is called the primary doctor (GP) scheme. 

By using «Bytte fastlege» you can find and change your regular GP for both yourself and your own children. (This service is available in Norwegian only.) You will now be able to place the same names on a waiting list. You can only be placed on one waiting list at a time.

The regular GP scheme is voluntary, but if you choose to remain outside it, you will have to find a doctor yourself if you need treatment, and the patient charge you have to pay will also be higher. Only 0.4 per cent of the Norwegian population have chosen to remain outside the scheme.

A regular GP is responsible for examining, diagnosing and treating the patients on his/her list, and this also includes prescribing medication and issuing sick notes. The regular GP is also responsible for referring patients to hospitals and other medical specialists. You must pay a consultation fee when you visit your primary doctor, unless you have an exemption card.

As a patient, you are entitled to information about your state of health and about treatment in a language that you understand. You are also entitled to a make yourself understood. Therefore, you are entitled to an interpreter if you need one. Notify your doctor in advance if you need an interpreter. Health personnel are responsible for organising an interpreter if necessary.

Labour immigrants who are not registered as residing in a Norwegian municipality are not entitled to a primary doctor. However, anyone in need of emergency health care (when their life or health is in danger) will receive this care irrespective of their residence status.

 If you can't find or change your GP on, please call 23 32 70 00 (the Norwegian National Contact Point for Healthcare ).

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