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Practical information from public offices
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Common sense at sea

Be prepared for the eventuality of an accident, and think about how you should react: stay calm, stay by the boat and call for help.

  1. Think safety – knowledge and planning reduces risks and increases enjoyment
  2. Bring the necessary equipment– the equipment must be kept in good working order and must be easily accessible
  3. Respect weather and fairways – the boat must only be used in suitable conditions
  4. Observe the rules of seafaring – the rules regarding the duty to give way, speed and the use of lights must be observed
  5. Use a lifejacket or a life vest – approved flotation devices are required for everyone on board
  6. Be alert and sober – the prescribed blood alcohol limit is 0.8 mg/ml when in charge of a boat
  7. Show consideration – safety, the environment and enjoyment are a shared responsibility

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