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Bank card

Ordinary payment cards (debit cards) are linked to salary accounts or current accounts. Use is limited to the amount deposited in the account. Limited credit (an overdraft) on a payment card can be arranged with the bank.

Customers with sufficient security, i.e. persons with a regular income or assets that can be pledged as security, can also be offered credit cards, which are payment cards not linked to an account. The customer is then granted advance credit, and use of the card is charged in arrears. It is similar to a loan. Most banks have approx. 45 days free credit. This means that you do not have to pay interest on what you have borrowed on your credit card if you pay back the entire amount within 45 days. If you do not pay back the full amount within approximately 45 days, interest is incurred on the amount due. The interest rate on credit card loans is often very high, and it is a far more expensive way to borrow money than many other types of loans. You should therefore become acquainted with the terms and conditions for your credit card before you start using it. 

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