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Violation of rules and regulation

Regulations relating to road traffic are very strict in Norway. Police checks and automatic speed controls are performed on a regular basis. Particular emphasis is placed on speed controls, random breathalyser tests (both alcohol and other substances), behaviour in traffic and the use of protective equipment such as safety belts, child seats etc. Violations of the Norwegian Road Traffic Act, such as speeding or driving under the influence, can lead to serious penalties such as fines, confiscation of driving licences and, in more serious cases, imprisonment.

Minor offences and traffic violations are punished in different ways:

Penalty charges/infringement fine

For example failure to use a safety belt, using a mobile telephone, illegal parking etc. The penalty charge is payable within three weeks.

Fixed penalties

Imposed when the driver admits to the offence or violation on the spot. The person is not reported to the police. For example: speeding, driving in the wrong direction in a one-way-street etc. The penalty charge is payable within three weeks.

Penalty notice

In the case of more serious offences, the driver is fined and reported to the police. For example: excessive speeding, driving through a red light, dangerous overtaking, if the vehicle is hazardous to traffic etc. In the event of a conviction, the person in question receives the judgment and a bank giro by post.

Unconditional/suspended prison sentences

For particularly serious offences. For example: driving under the influence, causing injury to another person as a result of speeding etc. Tried in the courts and subject to fines.

Disqualification from driving

The police can disqualify a driver in the event of reckless driving or very serious offences: driving under the influence, speeding, collisions, traffic accidents.


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In case of a traffic accident

  • If you are involved in a traffic accident, you must stop and give assistance and help to secure the scene.
  • Persons involved in a traffic accident have a duty to supply their name, address and licence number.
  • In the event of a death or serious injury, the police must be alerted using the emergency telephone number 112. Vehicles involved in such accidents must only be moved with the consent of the police.

Rules and regulations