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Facts about Norway

  • Facts »

    Official name: The Kingdom of Norway Capital: Oslo Population: 5 258 317 (January 1st 2017) Area (sq. km): 385 199 National day: May 17th (Constitution day) Currency: Norwe...

  • Prices »

    Norway has one of Europe’s highest price levels for goods and services for personal consumption. In 2016, the price level was 40 per cent higher than the average price level in the EU area.

  • The Norwegian History »

    Some important facts in the Norwegian History Early history Most of Scandinavia has been covered by ice at least three times, and the last ice melted about 14 000 years ago. The first trace...

  • Work culture »

    The Norwegian work culture is characterized by flat structure and empowered employees. For a newcomer it may be difficult to distinguish the boss from the rest of the employees. Decision-making is ...

  • Religious and beliefs-based communities »

    Most inhabitants of Norway are members of religious or beliefs-based communities. Some of them participate actively in work with children, youth or adults, prayer meetings, meetings or religious se...

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