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Practical information from public offices
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The law and crime

  • The police and crime »

    Norway has a national police force with approx. 12,000 employees in 27 police districts. Each police district has several police stations and rural police stations. This means that there is a polic...

  • Alcohol and drugs »

    Norwegian legislation regarding alcohol and drugs is stricter than in other European countries. For example, it is prohibited to drink alcohol in public places such as on the streets or in parks, a...

  • The Mediation and Reconciliation Services »

    The Mediation and Reconciliation Service is a government service that offers mediation as a method of resolving or dealing with conflicts. The service is free of charge and is offered throughout th...

  • The Consiliation Board »

    The Conciliation Board is the lowest level of the legal system for civil cases. It is a mediation service that has limited judicial powers. The Conciliation Board’s main task is to help the parties...

  • The courts »

    The courts of law exercise judicial power in Norway. In addition, the courts have a control function in relation to the other branches of government (the Parliament and the Government). The courts ...

  • Free legal aid »

    Legal aid is often included in various types of insurance and in membership of organisations, including trade unions. Some people’s legal expenses may also be covered by the public legal aid scheme...