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Practical information from public offices
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HSE cards in the building industry

Everyone working on construction sites in Norway must have a special identity card; this applies to both Norwegian and foreign employees in full and part-time positions, on short or long-term contracts and to self-employed persons. The HSE card requirement also applies to people who carry out support functions when they are permanently established within the construction area. The purpose of this scheme is to identify the employee and who the employing enterprise is. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that all employees have such HSE cards. Self-employed persons must obtain HSE cards themselves.

By the construction industry is meant, for example, the construction of buildings, interior and installation work, the assembly and dismantling of prefabricated elements, demolition, renovations and repairs, sanitation and maintenance and groundwork. Identity cards are not required for building activities in stationary, permanent enterprises, such as shipyards or factories.

There is only one body that issues these identity cards, and they can be ordered from

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