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Practical information from public offices

As a rule, pay is not regulated by law in Norway, and there is therefore no general minimum wage. Having a clear and unambiguous written agreement on pay is therefore very important. Many enterprises have entered into collecitve agreements. There are agreements concerning pay and other rights between employers' federation and trade unions. You must join a trade union in order to be entitled to the right set out in a collective agreement.

An exception from the main rule applies in the building and construction idustry, the shipbuilding industries and green sector. In these idustries, the collective agreements have been made generally applicable, which means that wages are regulated and minimum wage rates apply.  

If you do not receive the pay you are entitled to, you must send a letter to your employer by recorded delivery, specifying your wage claim. Set a specific deadline, at least one week ahead, and write that if you are not paid within the deadline, you will take the matter further. The procedure from there depends on the reason your wages have not been paid. If the employer cannot pay because he has solvency problems, the next step is a petition for compulsory liquidation. If the employer refuses to pay, the Conciliation Board is the correct body to turn to. The Labour Inspection Authority can provide more detailed information about the procedure in such cases.

Make sure you can document your wage claim by, for exemple, timesheets, your employment contract, old pay slips ect.

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