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Self-certified sickness absence/Sick leave

As an employee, you are entitled to self-declared sick leave, i.e. to notify your employer that you are unable to work due to illness without having to present a medical certificate. The main rule is that self-declared sick leave can be used for up to three calendar days at a time. For more than three calendar days you must present a medical certificate from a doctor. Self-declared sick leave can be used four times in the course of a 12-month period.

You must have been employed for at least two months to be entitled to take self-certified sick leave. The conditions for self-certified sick leave may differ. Ask your employer about the rules in your workplace.

If you are sick longer than the time allowed by the self-declaration, you must get in touch with your doctor in order to get a medical certificate. If the doctor regards sick leave necessary, he/she will issue a medical certificate for the required period. The doctor will also assess whether full sick leave (100 per cent) is required, or whether you are able to perform some of your work and only need partial sick leave. For example you may be on 50 per cent sick leave and work 50 per cent of the time. The employer shall adjust your duties if necessary, and follow you up while on sick leave. Active sick leave or other measures from NAV may be considered.

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