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Simplified tax for new foreign workers

Most new foreign workers are covered by a simplified tax scheme called PAYE (Pay As You Earn) for foreign workers.Under the scheme, your employer deducts tax at a set rate from your wages before you receive your salary. You cannot claim deductions, and you will not receive a tax return or tax assessment notice. You can choose to be taxed under the ordinary rules in stead.

If you are not covered by PAYE, you will receive a tax return in March/April in the year after the income year. This is a summary of your income, deductions and other relevant information. You must check the information and correct any errors or add missing information. When your tax return has been processed, you will receive a tax assessment notice. This will show whether you have paid too much or too little tax. You must again check whether the information is correct. If you find errors in your tax assessment, you can still correct them. 

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