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Practical information from public offices
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Trade unions

  • Trade unions and trade union federations »

    A trade union is an association of employees in one or several enterprises. It can operate over both small and large geographical areas. Trade unions in an enterprise are generally called local bra...

  • Membership »

    To be a member of a union, you must pay a certain annual amount, in what are called union dues. The union dues may be a percentage of your gross pay or a fixed amount. In addition, the local branch...

  • Collective agreements »

    In Norway, trade unions have much greater influence than in many other countries. The trade union federations enter into national collective agreements with the employers. A collective agreeme...

  • General application of collective agreements »

    In Norway, several collective agreements have been given general application. This means that parts of the agreement concerning pay and working conditions have been made statutory, and that the pro...