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Practical information from public offices
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Health, safety and the environment (HSE)

The employer is responsible for the following:

  • that the employee has a fully adequate working environment, which means that you will not sustain any physical or mental injuries or illnesses as a result of the work.
  • systematically monitoring that work in the enterprise is performed in a safe and secure manner. This means that the employer must regularly assess whether the work entails any risk, prepare a plan for how any risks can be prevented and implement measures accordingly.
  • that the employee has personal protective equipment when necessary.
  • before the employee starts on a task, a risk assessment of the task must be carried out and protective equipment, safety instructions, training provided, and the organisation of the work must be adapted accordingly.

The employee is responsible for ensuring:

  • that he or she complies with instructions and safety rules laid down in the enterprise’s guidelines and the law.
  • that personal protective equipment is used when necessary.
  • that notice is given to the management or safety delegate if the employee sees anything in the working environment that constitutes a risk to life and health.
  • that he/she participates in dialogue meetings and helping to draw up and carry out follow-up plans in connection with absences.

All enterprises shall have a safety delegate, who is an employee with a special role in relation to monitoring and attending to the working environment in the enterprise. The safety delegate shall participate actively in work on safety, and he/she is the person you must contact if safety is not adequately attended to in the enterprise.

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