Here you can find information about how to look for a job in Norway, where you can get guidance to find a job, and what rights and obligations you have as an employee in Norway.

Illustrasjon av arbeid

Finding a job in Norway

Your first job in Norway is important for learning the language and the work culture. It provides networks and references that can help you on your way to finding a job where you can use your skills and experience.

Are you affected by the war in Ukraine?

Displaced persons from Ukraine have a temporary residence permit. You are expected to actively start looking for a job as quickly as possible (Norwegian website). 

Would you like to work in a school, kindergarten, or in the healthcare sector?

Do you have an education or experience working with children and youth or in healthcare and care services, and wish to work with this in Norway?

What you need to have in place to be able to work in Norway

Here you will find information about what you need to have in place to be able to work in Norway.